Компания Транс-Эксим

The Ltd conpany «Trans–Exim» has been working in the market of the transport – forwarding and agent services since october 1998 and has shown itself with irreproachable service, high quality of services provided, a wide range of accomodations in transport – forwarding.

We implement cargo transportations in Russia, international cargo transportation with motor transport, rails, sea transport, and work as ferry lines' agents.

Conpany's profile:

    • forwarding:
      • auto forwarding (in Russia (main destinations are Moskow and Saint Petersbourg) and Europe with mobile (covered, isothermal, refrigerator));
      • railway forwarding (railway forwarding with containers, carriages and other types of mobile so as hazardous cargo forwarding);
      • container forwarding (working as agents of the line «Senator lines» and «H. Stinnes Linien» famous as one of the world leaders in container forwarding, we have the possibility to deliver cargo all around the world);
      • off-clearance load forwarding (deliver of cargoes from Russian and European ports, so as the deliver of bulky, heavily-loaded and other non-typical cargoes around kaliningrad region);
      • sea forwarding (dispatching for state and private russian abd foreign companies while cargo transportation with sea transport on the base of international and national regulations, rules, demands, standards and conditions);
      • transshipment in port - transshipment of metals, ferroa, saw-timber, cellulose, containers and other loading, for conveying liquids, poured, general, forest and mixed cargos.
    • agent services for ships(agreement and securing of vessels' calls to the port of the Kaliningrad region; organization of berthing, mooring, legalization of all the sanitary, customs and frontier formalities, concordanceof all the necessary operations while vessel' berthing).
    • affreightment (vessel dispatch organization with ship lots; vessels with tonnage 1000 up to 60 000 tons for shipping of general and loading cargos from any world river or sea ports).
    • servicing of the ferry line «Ust Luga – Sassnitz – Baltiisk».
      The ferry line «Ust Luga - Sassnitz - Baltiysk» was set up instead the previous ferry line Saint Petersbourg - Kaliningrad – German ports functioned from 2001 till 2007. Due to transition to the new ports the new line is able to have an accurate time-table with call frequency up to two per week. Low price makes the cargo ferry attractive mean of delivery of commercial cargos.

Companie's services include:

      • elaboration of optimal transport schemes, so as the organization of mixed transportations with attraction of several transport kinds (auto, railway, sea transport);
      • carriage paid delivery;
      • guarding and tracing of the cargoes throughout the entire journey;
      • minimum term of cargo dispatching;
      • cargo insurance with minimum interest rates.

The Ltd company «Trans-Exim» takes proper accounts and wishes of every client, obtaining an optimal correlation of quality, speed and cost in every concrete case.