Cargoes registration rules for shipping on ferry from port “Baltijsk”

  • Get-up of cargoes is made not less than 1 working day prior to the planned shipment on ferry.
  • The freight should be delivered on terminal for customs registration not less than 12 p.m. prior of date of withdrawal of a vessel. In case of cargoes arrival later indicated time, shipment is deferred to the next passage.
  • In case of discrepancy of the data declared by the customer, the data actual, the line has the right to cancel the application.
  • In the request for shipment of refrigerator cargoes it is necessary to specify type of refrigerator van (diesel, electric) and the operating mode, differently a line does not guarantee performance of the given condition.
  • At presence of a dangerous cargo it is necessary to specify class IMO. An opportunity and conditions of transportation of dangerous cargoes are stipulated in addition.

To attention of customers: Dear clients, we ask you not overlook to specify presence of personal things, etc. investments in a sent vehicle.

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