Trans-Exim Ltd. carries out registration, transportation of vehicles and cargoes (including dangerous, oversized) on the automobile-railway ferries "Baltiysk" and "Petersburg".

We accept any rolling (Ro-Ro) cargoes for transportation:

  • Railway rolling stock (open wagons, covered and refrigerated cars, cisterns, hoppers, platforms) with containers and cargoes;
  • Motor transport (tents, thermoses, refrigerators, trawls) - including the possibility of ref. connections on the ship, water supply for transportation of animals;
  • Special transport (wheeled and caterpillar) - road, construction equipment, excavators, bulldozers, cranes and others on its own, weighing up to 94 tons, height up to 4.7 m;
  • When transporting on roll-trailers:
      • industrial cargo;
      • construction, reinforced concrete products, metal products,
      • cargo in containers, on pallets, in big bags,
      • packaged piece goods (goods in boxes, boxes),
      • block-modules, cabins.


Roll trailer (mafi-trailer, RT) is a mobile platform on wheels (trailer), used for transportation of heavy / oversized and general cargoes with further loading on vessels by rolling.



There are 25 own 40-foot roll trailers at our disposal. Dimensions of 40-foot roll-trailers are:

12.35 m (length) x 2.6 m (width) x 0.8 m (height).



The maximum dimensions of cargo accepted for transportation on a 40-foot roll-trailer are:

weight - up to 75 tons; length - up to 15 m; width - up to 4,5 m; height - up to 4 m.


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Advantages of using roll-trailers:

  • Reducing the cost of warehouse operations (the cargo is placed and attached to the roll-trailer long before the ship arrives at the port, loading and unloading takes place in the port territory).
  • Minimizing the risk of damage of the cargo (loading the roll-trailer onto the vessel takes place with the help of the tractor, which is safe, quick and accurate.) In addition, it is much easier to place the cargo in the hold of the vessel, certified modern fasteners and technologies.
  • Roll-trailers can carry containers: as one 40-foot, and two 20-foot. At one time you can carry more weight than on the car site. The maximum load weight is 75 tons.
  • Savings on the delivery time, due to the reduction of time for loading and unloading operations.
  • Saving time on the registration of documents (compared with shipments by rail and road transport).
  • The cargo can be transported by a separate unit - no container is required for transportation.
  • Linear service with predictable time of shipment and transit time (7 flights per ferry per month, transfer 36-40 hours).
  • The ability to control the work of several roll-trailers at once by one operator allows to reduce the costs of the customer to pay for the work of the personnel.
  • Load on the roll-trailer is located below the deck, which guarantees safety in transit from the impact of the environment.


To make a request please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .