The department offers the service of auto forwarding to the companies. Contacts…

Our services include:

  • organization of the forwarding inside the country and abroad;
  • the possibility of attraction of any kinds of the rolling – stocks (covered, isothermal, refrigerator) and any size permitted for an exploitation on the territory of Russia and countries per itinerary;
  • professional dispatching and monitoring;
  • control under the cargo packaging and sending, so as unloading;
  • transportation of any types of the cargoes, including outsize ones so as those demanding special permission;
  • consolidated cargo transportation in Russia and abroad;
  • auto forwarding (in Russia (main destinations are Moskow and Saint Petersbourg) and Europe with mobile (covered, isothermal, refrigerator));
  • accurate coordination all links of the transport logical scheme;
  • guarding and tracing of the cargoes per itinerary;
  • off-clearance load forwarding ( deliver of cargoes from Russian and European ports, so as the deliver of bulky, heavily-loaded and other non-typical cargoes around kaliningrad region);
  • sea forwarding (dispatching for state and private russian abd foreign companies while cargo transportation with sea transport on the base of international and national regulations, rules, demands, standards and conditions);