It is well-known that containers are perfect means of transportation. First, they allow to vary the volume of a sent cargo depending on the customer's needs.


Secondly they guarantee grater safety of a cargo rather than when sending a wagon.


The container will be delivered directly to your warehouse where it will be loaded, and then delivered to our terminal by the container truck.


After that it will be sent to the destination directly to the recipient's door without unnecessary overloads.


Our services:

  • supply of the empty container to the place of loading;
  • reception and delivery of containers to a customer’s warehouse;
  • cargo tracking per itinerary;
  • cargo insurance;
  • storage and handling of all types of containers;
  • notification of the recipient of arrival with full coordination.

Container shipments from China, India and Korea

We offer full container load, less than container load from China, India and Korea.