The railway forwarding department renders transport – forwarding services to companies by cargo transportation in containers, carriages and other types of rolling- stocks including hazardous cargoes. Contacts...

We do the following services to the cargo holders:

  • all forms of railway forwarding: in carriages, containers, postal-baggages, refrigerated sections;
  • prompt supply of the rolling-stock in-time, corresponding all engineering requirements;
  • organization of loading of cargo on rolling-stock in compliance with Rules strengthening freights during there transfer by railway;
  • freight delivery organization in Russia and abroad;
  • flexible rates and special terms on a railway tariff;
  • optimization of transport schemes and expenses;
  • offering the advantage rates;
  • guarding and computer monitoring of the cargo per itinerary;
  • minimal terms in performing the order;
  • freight insurance on minimum interest rate.