The ferry line Ust Luga (Saint Petersburg) - Baltiysk (Kaliningrad) has come instead the previous one (valid from 2001 till 2007) “Saint Petersburg – Kaliningrad – German ports”.

The Ust Luga port is located in 150 km from Saint Petersburg. The port Baltiisk is situated in 45 km from Kaliningrad.


The vessel “ PETERSBURG” operates on the line and is capable to transport any type of wheel and caterpillar technics.

The vessel’s cargo capacity is 1570 linear meters. It means a possibility of simultaneous loading of 49 railroad cars and 90 lorry convoys so as 330 cars or .

The line is capable to maintain the precise schedule of the ferry line with frequency of calls up to two times per week due transition to the new ports.

Here you may load registration form for transportation.

Filling this form, send it by the following fax 7 4012 660468. Filling of the all fields is required.

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