Dispatching for state and private russian abd foreign companies while cargo transportation with sea transport on the base of international and national regulations, rules, demands, standards and conditions. . Contacts...

Sea forwarding department manager will handle data due to your cargo, offer the planning in approaching and placing of a vessels for loading/unloading, control cargo’s condition in port and operations with cargo, so as they also carry out:

  • necessary agreements with clients beforehand, so as getting the permissions for the cargo;
  • daily communication with the clients and those involved to a transport process, handling all the necessary information;
  • control under the storage of the cargoes on transport, in ports and storehouses, control under the correct storage and handling this information for the clients and those involved to a transport process;
  • informing all participants of a transport process about an approximate arriving of a vessel to the port, placement and approximate dates of cargo and transport to be arrived;
  • organization of cargo’s weighing, mentioning the cargo’s quality, choosing the samples;
  • immediate informing of a client about the problems and measures taken in case if the information about the cargo is not appropriate to those mention by client or by transport documentation;
  • legalization of all the cargo documents, acts, transport forwarding documents, certificates on the base of the client’s order in agreement with international, customs, state rules, regulations and standards;
  • accurate handling of the Contract’s condition to the client.