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We provide transport-forwarding services to private and public Russian and foreign companies in cargo transportation by sea on the basis of international and national regulations, rules, requirements, norms and conditions.

Specialists of the maritime department handle data about the Client’s cargo, offer the planning of an approach of the vessel and setting it for loading/unloading, control cargo operations and the condition of the cargo in the port, and they also carry out:

  • input of data about Client’s cargo into the company’s automated system, which allows to track the movement of goods through the warehouse (intra-port logistics);
  • necessary preliminary approvals with the Client and obtaining permits for the maritime shipping;
  • daily communication with the Client and participants of the transport process, obtaining and providing the required information on the movement of goods in ports and on transport;
  • control over the influx of goods on transport, accumulation in ports and warehouses, control the accuracy of storage of goods and provide information to the Client and participants of the transport process;
  • informing the participants of the transport process about the expected approach of the ships, the location and the expected time of arrival of goods and transport;
  • organization of works on weighing the cargo, determining the quality of goods, sampling;
  • immediate informing of a Client of the discrepancy and the measures which have been taken in case of revealing the discrepancy between goods and the information provided by the client or specified in the transport / shipping documentation;
  • execution of cargo documents, certificates, transport and shipping documents, certificates on the basis of the client’s application in accordance with international, customs, state regulations, requirements and norms of sea cargo transportation;
  • customs clearance of the cargo at the request of the Client;
  • precise fulfillment of the terms of the Contract with the Client.