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For transportation of cargoes by sea it is necessary to take care preliminary about their transhipment in port. The choice of port in the greater degree depends not on a geographical arrangement, but on its cargo specialization (bulk, general, wood cargoes, grain, etc.), parameters of port (length of moorings, depth, etc.), opportunities of realization of necessary cargo operations.

It is necessary to take into account that in their work commercial ports are strictly guided by Vaults of Rules of port, the Code of Trading Navigation of the Russian Federation and other legislative documents.

Usually trading ports make the following works:

  • reception of a cargo;
  • operations with ground vehicles;
  • unloading on a platform or a warehouse;
  • storage and warehouse operations;
  • moving of a cargo on cargo front;
  • loading/unloading of ship;
  • additional cargo operations (stowage, separation, fastening, fumigation, definition of quantity, etc.)
  • registration of the corresponding documentation (reception certificates, manifestes, the cargo-plans, assignments on write-off, bills of lading , etc.)
  • agency service of ships.

For performance of all these kinds of works in port there are stevedore, forwarding, charter and other companies. Company “Trans-ExIm”, being engaged in the organization transhipment a cargo in port and his subsequent sea transportation, acting in port the representative of the cargo owner and operating in his interests, puts before itself a problem of the exact coordination of activity of all participants of transshipment process.

Depending on a kind of a cargo, his packing and conditions of storage, the port allocates the open area intended for it, a covered warehouse, a refrigerator, etc. Thus the volume of lumpsum storage, and also the period of preferential (free-of-charge) storage (if those is present) is especially stipulated.

For the organization transhipment a cargo in port it is necessary to give the following information:

  • The information about your company and the contact information;
  • The information about a cargo:
    • the name,
    • gross weight or volume,
    • monthly volume of a cargo or the size of a ship party,
    • a kind of packing,
    • weight of a cargo package,
    • the sizes of a cargo package,
    • quantity of places in parties of a cargo,
    • specific loading volume (stowage factor),
    • a class of danger,
    • the period of rendering of services on transhipment,
    • special requirements to storage of a cargo,
    • special requirements to mechanization of cargo handling works.